07/29/22 - Hazy Day Flight From Seattle

It was a hot hazy day. It seems like it is a hot hazy day every time we head into Seattle. This time we flew, and we took some pictures of the Olympic Mountains on our way back. Yes, they are hazy.

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02/16/22 - Flight to Seattle

We had to take a quick flight into Seattle, so we took some pictures of our flight. We flew with Rite Brothers. They offer scenic flights with great views of the Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and distant volcanoes. We just flew a charter into Boeing Field, but we got the scenery anyway.

Mountains and clouds

Mount Baker

The Olympic Mountains

Mount Rainier

One of the great mountains

More mountains and clouds

Our local mountains again

Hood Canal


Flowers in bloom in Seattle

Seattle again

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11/22/21 - The Flight to Charleston

There was some pretty impressive scenery on our flight from Seattle to Charleston. We flew other snow covered mountains, broad plains cut by river channels and then the flat lands. Most of the time the skies were clear, but as we neared the Atlantic coast, there were clouds below and perfect conditions for a glory. That's an anti-solar halo around one's plane's shadow. It was visible for much of our flight as we approached Charleston, but then, as the sun started to set and we had a beautiful sunset to watch. As with so many west to east flights, we started early in the day and arrived late in the day, but we had some great views en route.

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05/11/21 - Yachats and the Road to Orick

We spent the morning exploring the coastal trail, part of the 804 Trail, that ran outside our hotel. There were sea birds and tide pools, wind blown trees and coastal forest. We had a long drive ahead of us. We had learned that Google Maps and the other mapping programs seriously underestimate the driving times along the coast, generally by 15%-25%. Of course, there was no way that the mapping programs could have predicted the hour and a half road closure south of Crescent City. What could we do? This kind of delay is common when flying, and our car was at least as comfy as any airport lounge.

When the road reopened, we headed down to Orick and checked into our Elk Meadow Cabin. We were really glad we had lots of left overs for dinner in our cooler. We just weren't up to another round of driving to the nearest restaurant.

The waterfront at the Overleaf Lodge

A tidepool

Tidepools and inlets

More dark rock

One of the plovers

Another plover

Inland tunnel

A view of our hotel

Another local bird

More to explore

Wind blown trees - krumholz

On the drive south

A brief stop


Stuff to worry about besides COVID

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11/04/19 - Why are we in Vancouver?

We are in Vancouver, BC, because it is our first stop on our way to Ethiopia. We arrived a day early so we don't have to worry about missing our flight.

There aren't a lot of flights to Addis Ababa from this hemisphere, and some of them only run every other day. We wanted a minimal number of stops and to avoid flying out of our way, for example, via Dubai. We chose Lufthansa which code shares its Ethiopian flights with Air Canada, United Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines and several others. It's ten plus hours to Frankfort via the polar route, then another seven hours or so to Addis Ababa, so stay tuned.

The view en route to Vancouver

Vancouver, BC

Some kind of steampunk festival? Eh?

Hotel window view

From Stanley Park, past the Lion's Gate Bridge

Another Stanley Park view

A cormorant

A wood duck

Great blue heron

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08/29/17 - Seattle by Air

We haven't flown into Seattle for a while, but we had to make a quick trip. We booked a Rite Brothers charter flight and combined logistical necessity with a scenic flight.

Some of our local mountains

Mount Baker in the distance

Mount Rainier, also far away


The grain elevator

Discovery Park and the view north

The Agate Passage

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09/19/14 - Where Are We?

We're being deliberately mysterious here. These photos are from one of our waypoints en route to our big destination. Luckily, we're taking an interesting route.

The seal of this mysterious city

Sulfur, it's iconic!

It's not Copenhagen. This little mermaid is wearing a wet suit.

They have 9/11 truthers here.

Flying in to town

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02/11/11 - Some Views of the Olympic Mountains

We got a great view of the Olympic Mountains on our last flight into Seattle. We got another view from near Pike's Place Market. Enjoy the pretty pictures.

Valley haze in the Olympic Mountains

Some snow covered peaks

Another view, from in town - No, they aren't made of Beecher's Cheese.

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12/10/10 - Our Flight Home

We flew home around dusk. Here are some pictures of Seattle at night, suitably blurred by the planes vibration. That last photo is one of our plane's lights.

That's Seattle.

More Seattle lights

The lights on our plane's wing

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10/02/10 - Sightings

Hurricane Hill is chock full of marmots lately. They seem to be all over the place. Could it be that the park service has removed those coyotes, or is it just the year of the marmot? (They aren't all golden anymore either, possibly due to the high price of gold.)

We also saw a helicopter by the road side. They've been moving some old logs up from near Lake Dawn to Lake Angeles as part of the restoration effort. There probably wasn't a place to land at the pick up site, and we know there isn't one up at Lake Angeles, so they used one of the overlook pullouts.

Sorry, we have no action shots. The last time we saw one of these working helicopters it almost dumped a ton of gravel on us out towards Cape Alava, so it's probably just as well.

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05/05/10 - From the Air

Yes, we post an awful lot of pictures from our Kenmore Air flights to and from Boeing Field, but we can't resist. There is some amazing scenery around here.

Port Angeles, banking after take off

Sequim Bay

Hood Canal

The Hood Canal Bridge - It looks closed.

Our evening return to Port Angeles - sunset

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02/03/10 - Flying to Seattle

We recently flew to Seattle on Kenmore Air, and the views from the plane were spectacular. It wasn't a clear day. There was plenty of cloud cover, but the mountains and the skies were spectacular.

Fairchild Airport


More mountains

The clouds washed up to the mountains like the sea washes up to the shore.

A tantalyzing mountain closeup

Mountains under our wing

Water below

Minas Morgul, aka Mount Rainier

The sound

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09/01/09 - Front Seat To Seattle

One of the nice things about flying in little airplanes is that you don't need a lot of special skills to sit in the front seat. That means even a Kaleberg can get the advantages of a wonderful cockpit view as you can see in a these photos. It was a cloudy day, but that gave everything a quintessential Northwestern look.

Rule One - Mitts off!

Blue tones and mountains

Ediz Spit and lens flare

The propeller is too fast for our camera.

More mountains and cloud

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Looking south

04/12/09 - Another Great View From Kenmore Air

We were in Seattle. We flew Kenmore Air. We had a great view of Puget Sound.

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12/07/08 - Our Flight From Seattle

These are some photos taken from a Kenmore Air Cessna Citation en route from Boeing Field in Seattle to Fairchild Airport in Port Angeles. As usual, the light was spectacular, and the mountains were most cooperative.


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10/27/08 - A Quick Trip Into Seattle

We made a quick trip into Seattle and flew Kenmore Air. It was a great flying day, and we had window seats, so here a couple of pictures from our flight, and one picture from Seattle proper. It seems that summer is over in the city as well.

Dungeness Spit

The Dungeness River - Can you see Dungeness Valley Creamery down there?

A city scene

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09/09/08 - Seattle Flight

We often fly into Seattle on the local airline Kenmore Air. They fly little nine seat propeller airplanes from Fairchild Airport (CLM) a bit west of Port Angeles to Boeing Field (BFI) a bit south of Seattle. They are awfully convenient, and we often get spectacular views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. We took these on a later afternoon flight, heading home.

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