Hawaii 2010

We hadn't been to Hawaii since 2002, so we were eager to return. This time we visited Lanai, Maui, and, of course, Honolulu, our favorite tropical city. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time, and we are hoping to return to the island in something less than eight years.

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We don't really have much in the way of restaurant reviews. The Pineapple Room was probably our favorite restaurant, and we had a magnificent meal at Koele Lodge on Lanai. Alan Wong's restaurant in Honolulu was great, but we actually liked his Pineapple Room more. We should also put in a good word for Pele's Other Garden on Lanai and Spago's on Maui. They were both exceptional. We had other good meals, including an especially festive one at Nick's on Maui, but our trip to Hawaii was about more than food, strange as that may sound for us Kalebergs.

Honolulu - Wanderings

Honolulu - City By The Sea

Lanai - Manele Bay and Koele Lodge

Lanai - By The Sea

Lanai - Garden of the Gods

Lanai - Shipwreck Beach

Maui - Haleakala

Maui - Uplands and Tedeschi Winery

Maui - By The Sea