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11/30 - Little St. Simons - Atlantic Beach - Part 2

We didn't wander too far at the beach, but we did spend some time looking out to sea and along the shore.


The scalloped beach

An oyster catcher

Bright sun

More shore birds

A jellyfish

The walkway back in amazing light


More of the walkway

A hard to spot marsh rabbit

A phoebe - not a kingfisher

Back at the lodge

Possibly acorns

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11/29 - Little St. Simons - Kitchen Garden

We took a brief break for lunch and explored the lodge grounds. We found an armadillo, no surprise there. We also found the kitchen garden complete with the traditional hanging gourds.

Opal, Nibbles or one of the others

Kitchen gardens

Another view

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11/28 - Little St. Simons - North Dike and Back to the Lodge - 1

We had two whole days on Little St. Simons Island. They have organized, guided tours, but we just wanted to walk, so we did what we did on our last visit. We had them drive us up to North Dike near the north end of the island, and then we walked backed to the lodge. We followed North Pond and took advantage of the various blinds and observation platforms to scan the pond for birds and alligators.

It was cold, so we only saw one alligator, but we saw egrets and herons and a woodpecker and a variety of ducks. The going was easy and the day was brisk. It had been close to freezing the night before. The island is probably very different during a Georgia summer, even this close to the ocean.

Early at the lodge

Where we stayed

A hitch hiker on our ride north

The road north

More of the road

Even more, leading out to the dike

A view from the dike, with alligator


Recent rain on the road

Heading south

We saw a lot of muhly grass

A side spur to one of the blinds

An egret

Miscellaneous ducks

A heron

Back on the road south


More egrets

A marsh scene

A wet spiderweb

More of the track

A downy woodpecker


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11/27 - Little St. Simons - North Dike and Back to the Lodge - 2

We made our way down to the South Dike and then headed into more wooded country. We heard a sound in the forest, an armadillo rummaging about. He or she - something only of interest only to another armadillo or a grammarian - was wary but offered us a good view. It was an easy walk south along the main road. Have we mentioned that the land in this part of Georgia is flat? It wasn't long before we returned to a familiar landmark, the vulture tree, not far from the lodge.

More of the track

The view from an observation tower

Almost abstract

Another spiderweb

A web with huge drops of water

Yet another web

Another look at the pond

View from the South Dike


On we go

More marshland

Cactus of all things

Yet another peek

A more forested part of the track

An armadillo

Forest with palmettos


Spanish moss

Still heading south

More of the track

The vulture tree

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11/26 - Fort Frederica and the Journey to Little St. Simons Island

It was a rainy day, but we made a point of getting out to explore Fort Frederica. There was a whole town there and a fort. The British were braced for a Spanish invasion. The Spanish were right down there in Florida. Now it's an archaeological site and a pretty place to walk around.

Then, the rain picked up. We drove north to the marina and boarded the rain soaked boat that would take us and our soon to be soaked luggage to Little St. Simon's Island. It's a privately held nature preserve. Like everything in this part of Georgia, the waters were flat, but we were cold and soaked through by the time we reached the dock at the lodge.

Fort Frederica


All that's left

More oranges

The fort

Watch on the river


More of the site

The dock at the marina

The long ramp through the rain

A hunkered down egret

A rainy journey

This eagle is a regular at that sign

Further along and freezing

Hard to see clearly in the rain

Roseate spoonbills

Another terrible photo of roseate spoonbills

A better picture of an egret

Warming up by the fire

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11/25 - Guale Reserve

To work off some of our Thanksgiving dinner, we explored the Guale Reserve on St. Simon's Island. It's flat, but we took a long loop, so we burned a few calories.

A typical stretch of trail

Instead of hills, they have palmettos. No thanks.

More of the trail

A little mushroom

More palmettos

Dark forest

Deadly blue things

Green trail

Yet more mushrooms

More forest

Even more mushrooms

Deers tongue, still blooming

A sandy stretch

Amazing funghi

More of the same

Pine cones and needles

Another flower

More pine cones and needles

A cardinal

Another section of the reserve

This section goes to the river

The trail there

Another glimpse of the river

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11/24 - Sunset at The Cloister

We stayed at The Cloister. We could see why the G7 was happy there. We ate on the patio at Tavola, so we got to see the spectacular sunset.

A view from our window at the mysterious conclave

The main atrium

An Atlantic beach

Someone else enjoying the beach

More beach - The Atlantic Ocean smells different.

Another view of the beach

Some Christmas cheer

Tavola sunset

The Cloister - It's chock full of such passageways.

More sunet

Late sunset

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11/22 - Savannah - Day Two

We spent the next day exploring Savannah. The city is full of parks and gardens. The trees are covered with Spanish moss.

Some steps

One of the squares

Flowers in bloom

Another square

Christmas is coming.

Another sign of Christmas

A hidden garden

More flowers

More Christmas

A last gardenia

Another square

Another garden

More Savannah

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11/21 - Savannah - Day One

We made it to Savannah in time for dinner. The traffic from Atlanta was ridiculous. We walked through the old downtown to Husk where we had an excellent dinner. Then we walked to our hotel and collapsed.

A bridge over the river

On our way to dinner

One of the many gardens


Husk again

On our way back

City lights

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11/20 - Early Morning Flight

We took an early morning flight to George from Port Angeles.

Spectacular sunrise

Lots of color

Bustling Fairchild International Airport

The Rocky Mountains


And more

And even more

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11/17 - Dramatic Lighting

There was some dramatic lighting in Port Angeles with dark clouds and bright sunlight. We had to pull over and take some photos.

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11/16 - Fog on the Hood Canal Bridge

We've crossed the Hood Canal Bridge on our way to Seattle many times now, but this time the fog was thick. Cars and trucks seemed to appear out of nowhere.

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11/16 - Autumn in the Dungeness Highlands

We call the Clallam County park area above the Dungeness Spit the Dungeness Highlands or sometimes the Dungeness Headlands. Don't expect us to be consistent. There are some nice hiking paths, and a great place to watch the seasons change.

The scene

Last few leaves

A visitor


The field

The path

Some thicket

The path

More thicket

More autumn color

More abstract

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11/15 - Playing With the New iPhone

These are a few more pictures taken with the new iPhone. It's a pretty good camera. It's not quite good enough to replace our point and shoot with its telephoto lens, but it is getting better.

It does nice things with lens flare.

It has a fairly good telephoto lens.

The software does some nice stuff with contrast.

It also saturates colors.

What you get is very nice.

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11/15 - Good Day for Hawks at Dungeness Dike

It was a good day for hawk spotting on the Dungeness Dike.

Two on a tree

In the air


Late autumn color

Lens flare

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11/14 - Late Autumn on the Elwha

We took the short walk from Madison Falls to where the Elwha chewed through Olympic Hot Springs Road. The mountains were snow capped and the last of the autumn color was fading.

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11/12 - Port Townsend View

We had a little time to kill in Port Townsend, so we took a walk along a short coastal trail.

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11/07 - Autumn on the Little River Trail

We've been following autumn on the Little River Trail. The leaves have been falling. The river is rushing. Colors have been changing. Each time we visit, the trail and the river have changed.

A glimpse of the Little River

An old log

More of that log

Fallen leaves

Forest scene

Another view of the Little River

More flowing water

Yet more of the river

The forest trail

There's always something fascinating to catch the eye.

Green and brown

One of the bridges

Funghi, possibly planted by that 18th century mycologist Funghibility Brown

More of the thinning and changing forest

One of the moss and fern covered rock walls

More leaves

Changing color

An autumn montage

Ghost plant

The trail ambience

The thinning forest

Another ghost plant

Slime mold!

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11/05 - Dungeness Dike

Dungeness Dike is another great place to watch the changing seasons. The new configuration hasn't been accessible for a full year yet, so we're still getting a sense of it. Meanwhile, we've been seeing a good number of fishermen out for cut-throat trout, something new it seems. They must be in season.

The Dungeness River and a winter sky

The marshy fields

More fields and mountains

Another look

And another

Some fall color

Wetlands and gray skies

An eagle in a tree

Last bit of color

More of the new wetlands

Another view south

The marsh seen with an iPhone

Bright iPhone colors

The iPhone is better at capturing fall colors here.

Another iPhone scene

And another with lots of cloud drama

More color and drama

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11/04 - Morse Creek West and Fall Color

When we don't want to drive far, we'll head east on route 101 and start our walk at the Morse Creek parking lot. The trail crosses Morse Creek on a restored railroad bridge and heads down to the strait where it follows the coast. It heads all the way into Port Angeles and points west, but we haven't taken it that far. The section of the trail from the bridge to the strait is tree lined and, right now, full of autumn color.

Fall color

More fall color

Even more fall color

The trail follows the edge of the Four Seasons development, hence that fence.

Some more color

On the ground

Another bit of color

And yet another

More leaves on the trail

More trail covered with leaves

Even more color

Morse Creek

The railroad bridge

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11/03 - Ultra Zoom - iPhone vs Sony

We have a new iPhone Pro Max, so we also have a new camera. This model of iPhone has a much more powerful zoom than most smartphone cameras, so we took a couple of pictures with it to compare against those taken by our usual Sony DSC-HX99. They're both pretty good cameras, but at an extreme zoom, 25X, the Sony seems to deliver a better picture. That's not surprising. The Sony has a much better set of lenses and much more space to play with. The iPhone only has a 5X optical zoom, but it has a higher resolution sensor. They both have ridiculous image processing software, but what doesn't nowadays?

The Strait of San Juan de Fuca as a filler shot

iPhone - Port Angeles blowing off steam

Sony - Port Angeles blowing off steam

iPhone - zoomed in

Sony - zoomed in

iPhone - an eagle seen from the Dungeness Dike

Sony - an eagle seen from the Dungeness Dike

iPhone - zoomed in eagle

Sony - zoomed in Eagle

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11/02 - Dungeness Highlands With A New Camera

One of the nice things about living in a place with seasons is that every time one revisits a trail one can note the seasonal changes. We're well into autumn now, and leaves have thinned and changed color. They cover the trails. Rose hips and berries are more prominent. Even the sky is different.

We went back to the Dungeness Highlands again. It was further into fall, but we also had a new camera, one of the new iPhones. We usually use a Sony DSC-HX99, but we wanted to play with a new toy. The pictures were pretty good, though distinctly different. If nothing else, the colors seemed less saturated. On the other hand, that could just be another sign of the changing seasons.

Looking towards Port Angeles

A milky sky and bare branches

The thicket without leaves

The path through the thicket with a few leaves still hanging on

A view south along the trail

Basic colors

Looking east

The mountains again and a winter sun

Fading grass fields

A mystery bird, in silhouette

Some final color

Rose hips

Coin flowers

Bare branches, signs of change

More along the trail

A peak ahead

Through the thicket with a patch of blue mountain visible

Another peaceful trail shot

Looking back across the water

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11/01 - Halloween Report

It was a cold night, but we had a fair number of trick or treaters. There weren't as many as last year and no where near as many before COVID. Still, it was nice to see so many kids out in costumes eager for a good candy fix. We're still using our COVID era no-contact trick or treat candy web, and it's still great greeting everyone who comes to call.

Our candy web

Around the house

Our trick or treat tally since 2013

Keywords: halloween

Keywords: halloween

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