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10/31 - Seattle Morning

The next morning, we were up early. We had a great view of the morning sunrise and Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier

Seattle view

Not quite full daylight

Three antennae

Bluer sky

Cranes: it must be Seattle.

Still early light

View from a window

Another view

Framed view

Mount Rainier aain

Almost day light

Day light

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10/29 - Seattle Evening

We made a quick overnight trip into Seattle. Our hotel room had a great view, and there is definitely something about city lights at night.

View from our room

Another view

Evening in the city

Guess where we ate.

More city night

Quiet streets at this hour

Buses still running

More night in the city

More lights

Another street

So much to see

From our room after dark

City view at night - It has to be Seattle. Note the construction crane.

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10/28 - The Dungeness Dike in Bright Sun

It was really sunny out at the Dungeness Dike today, but it was a good day for bird watching. The autumn colors are coming in, and there were a fair number of fishers out for cut-throat trout. Is this a sign that the restoration is going well? We hope so.

Lens flare over the Dungeness River

Look, no lens flare!

A kingfisher

Another view of the marsh

More of the marsh

A mystery bird

Another view

More lens flare

Less lens flare

A caterpillar of a different color

Some fall color

And more color

Yet more golden leaves

More of the scene

An owl just before flying away

View from the dike

One of those mock birds one spots from a distance

Keywords: dungeness

10/22 - Along the Elwha

We took a short hike along the Elwha, so this will just be a quick report. It's as pretty as ever. The mules are still around. The fall colors are coming in.

Some of the mules resting in the sun

A view down at the Elwha from along the detour

Down by the Elwha


In context

Another bit of the Elwha

Where the detour returns to the road

More of the Elwha

More of the mushrooms

Some snow in the mountains

Some fall foliage

A bit of the trail

Some autumn leaves

Keywords: elwha

10/20 - Marymere Falls and a Bit of Barnes Creek

We didn't want a really long walk, so we went out to Marymere Falls and followed the usual falls loop, but we also headed upstream along the Barnes Creek Trail for a little way. The recent rains have perked up the falls, so it was well worth the climb to the viewing platforms. Barnes Creek was also good to see with the fall colors coming in and lots of mushrooms.

Mushrooms on a log

The forest

Barnes Creek from the bridge

More of Barnes Creek

Marymere Falls

Marymere Falls from the upper level

The trail

Barnes Creek and signs of autumn

Another view along the creek

Ferns and a fallen tree


Another view

Another look at the creek

Changing colors

More little mushrooms

Yet another look at Barnes Creek

And before we left

Keywords: barnes creek, marymere falls

10/18 - Morse Creek West

There's a tricky curve along route 101 where it crosses Morse Creek east of Port Angeles. The road turns and descends, then it turns more and rises again. There's a parking lot for the Olympic Discovery Trail where it crosses Morse Creek at the lowest point of the curve. We often head west from there following the trail down to the strait and then along the water. The trail heads into Port Angeles and continues west, but we don't get that far. We get down to the sea and enjoy the scenery and salt air, then we head back.

It's a good place to watch the leaves change. There are a lot of maples along the way, so the trail gets covered with lots of leaves. It's hard to say when we have peak foliage. This isn't New England. Still, it's near its peak now and will soon be passing.

That's the Girl Scout Wall, a retaining wall painted by a group of Girl Scouts some years back.

The trail lined with leaves

More of the trail

Ghost foliage on the dike by the strait

Some of the last coin flowers

A sunnier view

More fall color

Yet more

One of the "art" bicycles

The art of fallen leaves

A darker section

Keywords: flowers, morse creek, port angeles

10/18 - Little River Trail

We waited for the rains to start before getting back to the Little River Trail. That way we can hear the river roaring as we follow its path. We were pleased to see the new parking lot a bit farther down the road. It should be easier to park safely on busy days. They redid the start of the trail a bit, but once the initial descent start, it's the familiar trail.

The theme for this hike seems to have been mushrooms. There were lots of them. The theme for this year seems to be frogs. We've been seeing and hearing quite a few of them. There was a real tiny one at the base of a tree. Now that the rains have come, we'll be getting back to Little RIver more often, though it will soon be too cold for amphibians.

The theme for the hike

Some color change

Green and black water

More mushrooms

Yet more

The early autumn forest

The Little River

More of the river

Yet more

The trail

There's always something to look at.

We have to find out what those red things are.

Are they a fungus?

More mushrooms, definitely a type of fungus

And yet more

Some tiny mushrooms

More of the forest, with mushrooms

Can you spot the frog?

A blurry closeup

An old stump

Another fork of the river

Another view

Looking upstream

Keywords: little river

10/17 - First Snow on the Mountains

This was the view from the Safeway parking lot. There was snow on the mountains. It didn't last long, but it's another sign of winter coming. (Also shown, the electric blue trim on the electric car charger, another sign of things to come.)

Keywords: winter

10/16 - Sol Duc Falls

We took a quick trip out to Sol Duc Falls. We didn't go much farther, but we enjoyed the easy hike from the trailhead to the falls proper. En route, we stopped at the salmon cascade, a narrow stretch of the river where the salmon have to leap dramatically to continue upstream. We saw seven fish all told. It's really a matter of luck, but we were clever this time. We had seen six salmon making their magnificent leaps and then, for a fair while, nothing. So, one of us cleverly said in a loud voice that the fish were likely to hear, "That's it for today. I guess there are no more fish coming." No sooner than we had uttered the magic phrase, one more salmon took its great leap.

Then, we headed on to the trail. The forest was suitably dark and green, and there even the minor streams by the trail were gushing nicely. There was spray at the falls, dramatic fall colors and the Sol Duc River racing and plummeting down the falls and under the foot bridge. It was as impressive as ever.

The salmon cascade

That's where the fish leap.

Still watching for a fish

The forest

More forest

Greens and browns

More of the trail

Fall foliage

One of the trail workers

Sol Duc Falls

Another view of the falls

Our spirit animal

Along the trail

Some green, some brown, some mushrooms

More mushrooms

The spirit of the forest

The forest recycles itself.

Another bunch of mushrooms, probably poisonous

The mules heading back for more gravel

More mushrooms

A mushroom forest

The mule team loaded with gravel

Bringing up the rear

Keywords: salmon, sol duc

10/14 - Marine Drive

Early during the COVID pandemic, the national park was closed, so we started taking walks along Marine Drive in Sequim. We follow the bluffs, watch for birds and enjoy a spectacular view of the strait.

A typical view

A close up of Mount Baker


One of the eagles

One of the herons

The heron in context

Autumn color

Keywords: birds, marine drive, sequim

10/10 - Elwha to the Gap

We took a short walk from the Madison Falls parking lot to where the Elwha River cut off Olympic Hot Springs Road. The fall colors are out and the river is running higher as the autumn rains pick up. We were pleased to see that the mules were still in residence. When they leave, it's a sure sign of coming winter. It was an easy walk, but it was all we were up to.

The Elwha crossing Olympic Hot Springs Road or what's left of it

The Elwha

The Elwha again

Another look at the Elwha

Olympic Hot Springs Road continues.

A mandarin duck

Mountain mist

More mist in the mountains

A look back at the river

These trees were barely saplings just a few years ago.

Fall colors

More color

The forest

The road

The mules

Fall color seen through the forest

Across the river

Keywords: autumn, elwha

10/05 - Dungeness Highlands

Most people explore the spit when they visit the Dungeness Reserve, but lately we've been exploring the highlands. We head inland along the coast, then cut across the road and follow the main bridle path. We make our way to the overlook with a great view of the Olympic Mountains and a picnic table. This almost completes a loop, but it isn't a very long loop, so we turn around and head back the way we came instead.

On our last visit, the color was autumn with bright yellow and red leaves, golden grasses and blue sky, blue mountains and the blue of the strait as backdrops. There are parts of the hike that remind us of northern California, but it's definitely a North Olympic Peninsula scene.

A last bit of fall color here

The green tunnel is still green.

The thicket

Autumn fields and distant mountains

A pathway through the grasses

Another field

That field with mountains and sky

More fall color and another tunnel

Another field and mountains

Yet another field

Golden leaves

Gold and the hills

View from the picnic table

Slightly hazy mountains

Another thicket

Another field again

A golden field

The path across

Passing through

More autumn and the mountains

Some more color

A passing snake

The strait

Keywords: autumn, dungeness

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