10/31/23 - Seattle Morning

The next morning, we were up early. We had a great view of the morning sunrise and Mount Rainier.

Mount Rainier

Seattle view

Not quite full daylight

Three antennae

Bluer sky

Cranes: it must be Seattle.

Still early light

View from a window

Another view

Framed view

Mount Rainier aain

Almost day light

Day light

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09/27/23 - Mount Rainier - Carter Falls

It was rainy on our most recent trip to Mount Rainier. It was snowing at the top, so we explored waterfalls instead of the high country. the Carter Falls walk took us down to a stony river bed with mists and hills and waterfalls above. We didn't get as close as at Nerada Falls, but we had a nice, cold, wet time exploring.

Misty mountain with waterfalls

Zoomed in on the falls

Mists, mountains and trees

More mist

The rocky river bed

Some fall foliage

Some more mist

Some more bright colors

Down on the river bed

We followed the trail

Downriver a bit

A sapling

Mountain mist in the distance

An old log

We can watch mist for hours, if it isn't too cold and wet out.


The foot bridge

The waterfalls again

A last view

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09/26/23 - Mount Rainier - Nerada Falls

We still haven't made it up to the high country of Olympic National Park. Between the destruction of the lodge, the subsequent limits on visitors, the bad air from forest fires, and forest fire and mountain lion attack related closures, we have more or less given up. Now, they are demolishing the ruins of the lodge and the area has been closed for a period, yet again.

So, we visited Mount Rainier back in late August, and returned more recently to explore some more. This time we stayed just outside the park, and this time it rained. Actually, it snowed. We didn't make it all the way up to Paradise. There were too many snow covered cars coming down. The rain was heavy where we were, and we had no desire to drive through wet snow to see the heavy fog that would be blocking any view of the mountain. Instead, we decided to cut our losses and see some of the waterfalls along the way.

We stopped at Nerada Falls and made our way down to the view point. We could hear the falls even from the parking lot. They were in full force and rain fed. We followed the trail down to the falls overlook. It was green forest and gray mists accented with bits of brightly colored fall foliage.

The back yard at our cabin, one of Betsy's

The trail to Nerada Falls

More of the trail

Lots of foliage and running water

Our first glimpse of the falls

More greenery

More of the falls

Plenty of water

Plenty of mist

Another falls view

More mist in the forest

A bit of color

The falls below

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08/06/23 - Mount Rainier - The Skyline Trail - Part 1

With access to our local national park restricted, we decided to make a quick trip to Mount Rainier. We don't live that far from Mount Rainier, so we decided to drive there, spend a night, take a hike in a new high country and then drive home. Mount Rainier is open, but access is tricky. We lucked out and got a room for one night at the Paradise Inn, so we didn't have to worry as much about parking or entry lines.

As it turned out, our plan worked. We rose early and were soon on the Skyline Trail heading up the slope with Mount Rainier and its streams and glaciers looming over us. It was a busy trail but beautiful. The flowers were blooming: lupins, mountain spiraea, bear grass and, inevitably, dirty sock plant. It was wonderful.

The country around Paradise at Mount Rainier is greener and wilder than the high country we are used to in the Olympic National Park. Those glaciers above melt and form rivers that seem to run everywhere, punctuated by dramatic waterfalls. There was less of a sense of exposure to wind and sun, but so much was familiar.

There were lots of hikers. Most were day hikers like us carrying a small pack or a bottle of water. Some were mountaineers with heavy packs and ice axes and clearly on their way to attempt climbing to the peak. There were quiet moments on the trail followed by hiking groups and family get togethers.

All told, our trip was a success. We made it to 1050' or so. Our GPS cut out as it often does and didn't restart until they launch a new satellite or the like. As we climbed, Mount Rainier grew closer and dominated the scene. It was spectacular, and we are already planning a return trip.

Mt. Rainier in the distance with clouds

The clouds constantly shifting

Another look up, now closer

Clouds, glaciers and mountain framed by greenery

Lush high country

One of the many streams

A little waterfall

Dramatic skies

Another dramatic view

A stretch of trail

Lush fields and other, lesser mountains

Those distant peaks

Pasque flowers

Another field of color

Yet closer to the mountain

Gray skies but only a light drizzle


More of Mt. Rainier

Buttermilk sky

There's a waterfall a bit left of the center.

That waterfall

More scenery

A stream down below

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08/05/23 - Mount Rainier - The Skyline Trail - Part 2

Here are some more pictures from our hike on the Skyline Trail up Mount Rainier.

More dramatic sky

Pink paintbrush

A small stream

A rocky scene

Just a bit of lupine

More high country

More flowers

More rich green

Another waterfall

Another artistically framed photo

Rocks, rich green and glaciers

Green country

Bear grass among others

A tiny stream doing its bit to keep the high country green

A valley view

More corn lilies

Forest and green

More green

A typical array

Bright flowers

A lone mushroom

More flowers

A field of flowers

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02/16/22 - Flight to Seattle

We had to take a quick flight into Seattle, so we took some pictures of our flight. We flew with Rite Brothers. They offer scenic flights with great views of the Puget Sound, the Olympic Mountains and distant volcanoes. We just flew a charter into Boeing Field, but we got the scenery anyway.

Mountains and clouds

Mount Baker

The Olympic Mountains

Mount Rainier

One of the great mountains

More mountains and clouds

Our local mountains again

Hood Canal


Flowers in bloom in Seattle

Seattle again

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06/30/19 - Day Trip to Seattle

We took a quick day trip to Seattle and made it home before dark. Granted, it stays light until ten o'clock this time of year. The Seattle waterfront has really changed. The viaduct is almost gone except for the piece that goes over the Marion Street walkway. Presumably, that section's days are numbered, and there will be all kinds of confusion while the ramp is closed for the demolition.

One last piece of the viaduct

The waterfront is almost unrecognizable.

That last piece of the viaduct

Construction at the ferry terminal

West Seattle

The Seattle skyline - It has been changing too.

Mount Rainier

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03/08/19 - A March Day in Seattle

Text of entry goes here

Mount Rainier as seen from the Bainbridge ferry

Winter blooms at the Ballard Locks

A big flock of docks at the locks


One of the sea ducks

Winter berries

Early, hardy pansies


Crockett and Tubbs - 1980s Miami VIce retro

An honest accountant

Bateau's frankfurter, but the steaks are better.

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09/15/18 - Anchorage to Seattle

We had great seats on the flight from Anchorage to Seattle. Here are some photos, including some of the glaciers in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, some mountains and coastline and then our approach to Seattle.

Far north

Glaciers below

Another great glacier

Another view



More of the same, yawn

More mountains, closer to home

Much closer to home


Mount Rainier

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08/29/17 - Seattle by Air

We haven't flown into Seattle for a while, but we had to make a quick trip. We booked a Rite Brothers charter flight and combined logistical necessity with a scenic flight.

Some of our local mountains

Mount Baker in the distance

Mount Rainier, also far away


The grain elevator

Discovery Park and the view north

The Agate Passage

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08/26/16 - Seattle - Part 2

If you’ve visited this site a few times you know we are big fans of the Ballard Locks We took the Argosy Cruise from South Lake Union through the locks to Pier 55 in the harbor. It was fascinating, since we were already familiar with the route as seen from land. This time we were seeing everything from the water side, and a lot more was visible. We always had the impression that Seattle had a working waterfront, and this cruise gave us a good look at it.

We headed out from near the MOHAI past moorings and working docks with views of construction, cancer research centers and Gas Works Park. We admired the houseboats which are hard to see from land and passed under familiar bridges in a new direction. We knew the little waterfront park in Fremont, but from the water one could see the cut of the ship canal. We passed dry docks and terminals and were soon at the Ballard Locks where we dropped twenty or thirty feet from fresh water to salt water.

Then we headed out into the harbor passing by Discovery Park and the West Point Lighthouse. We could just make out the faint outline of Mount Rainier over the lighthouse as we passed. We rounded the point, and ahead were the harbor and downtown.

The MOHAI on South Lake Union

The old gas works

The Aurora bridge

A bustling view

Floating houses

More floating houses

The Ballard Locks

The West Point Light with a faint view of Mount Rainier above

High bluffs

Downtown ahoy

Almost back in town

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10/03/15 - Seattle and the Ghost Mountain

We had to take a quick trip into Seattle. The air was crystalline, so the ghost mountain, Mount Rainier, made an appearance over West Seattle.

Seattle from the water

The ghost mountain

The ghost mountain in high contrast

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11/29/13 - Seattle - City Views

We've been making a lot of short trips into Seattle. This was another overnight. We had some shopping to do before Thanksgiving, so we loaded up at Pike's Place Market and wandered the waterfront.

View of the harbor from Pike's Place Market

A little vegetable and herb garden at the market

The waterfront from Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle

The grain elevator, loading wheat for China

Look carefully between the bush and the pier and you'll see Mount Rainier, another northwest ghost mountain.

Pike's Place Market - pretty good for a handheld shot

The future as seen from 1963 - Cinerama and the Space Needle

Another shot of the Space Needle ...

... and the Seattle Science Center

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12/16/12 - Winter Mountains

Here are some pictures from our flight into Seattle on Kenmore AIr. It is definitely winter now.

Winter sky

Mount Rainier

Seattle's "magic mountain" is endlessly fascinating.

The Olympics

Cloudscape meets mountain-scape

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02/03/10 - Flying to Seattle

We recently flew to Seattle on Kenmore Air, and the views from the plane were spectacular. It wasn't a clear day. There was plenty of cloud cover, but the mountains and the skies were spectacular.

Fairchild Airport


More mountains

The clouds washed up to the mountains like the sea washes up to the shore.

A tantalyzing mountain closeup

Mountains under our wing

Water below

Minas Morgul, aka Mount Rainier

The sound

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Wheat, on its way east

11/21/08 - The Seattle Waterfront

One of the things about Seattle is that it is a working waterfront, and it is a working waterfront that isn't hidden off somewhere where you can't see it. That means that there is a major grain elevator that loads wheat delivered by rail onto grain ships right on the jogging trail in Elliot Bay. There are container ship loaders punctuating the harbor. There is also Mount Rainier, a ghostly presence on certain days. Look carefully at the latter two pictures, and you'll see it.

You can see Rainier over the container ship loaders to the left

Here's a better view of the mountain.

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