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10/18/19 - A Journey to the Wilds of Brooklyn

On most of our trips to New York City, we stay in Manhattan, but this time we decided to head out to Brooklyn to see the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It was surprisingly easy. The Q train, despite rescheduling and rerouting, took us right from our hotel to the entrance of the gardens. En route, we crossed the East River on the Manhattan Bridge with great views of lower Manhattan.

The gardens were still in late summer. We wandered the trails through lakes and forests. There were ripe eggplants for the picking and flowers in bloom. We made our twisty way to the iconic greenhouse and our lenses were totally fogged in the rain forest habitat, then dried crystal clear in the desert. The BBG is justifiably famous, wonderfully maintained and delightfully curated. They even had a giant horsetail planted, so we felt right at home.

The Brooklyn Bridge as seen from our subway car

The Q train in Brooklyn with at least one tree growing and vernacular apartment buildings

The garden path

A beautiful clear day

Water lilies, sort of a theme this trip

The iconic greenhouse

The steamy jungle

Probably a hydrangea - Our lenses were too fogged to read the tag.

Natal plum - It had a delicious sweet scent that makes us long for a way to share aromas.

The temperate forest



The desert



More flowers

Another photo from the greenhouse

A bonsai tree from their great collection

Purple berries seen as we made our way back to the subway

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