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10/17/19 - Another Day of Wandering Around New York City

The fastest way to get around New York City is to take the subway, but that means traveling underground. The next fastest way is by bicycle, but you really wouldn't want to let us ride bicycles as a matter of public safety. Then comes walking. We can walk well enough, so that's what we do to explore the city.

There's always stuff to look at. Zoom in and see if you can identify all of the business just in that one building on the corner.

Greenwich Village, an old part of the city

More Greenwich Village

We're always tempted to explore all the little gardens.

Down by the Hudson River, an old wharf

Building something that resembles a bunch of high heeled shoes

An illuminated rock, probably more dramatic at night

A path to the new World Trade Center

A view of New Jersey

Looking back at Manhattan

Along the waterfront

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