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09/14/17 - Our First Day at Ultima Thule - Part 3

Our next stop was even less probable and even more magnificent. We flew into yet another fjord lined with glaciers and waterfalls. Our pilot took us about, exploring the nooks and crannies and amazing views. Then we circled in for a landing, a landing on a high grassy ledge part way up the wall of fjord.

By now we were used to landing on small patches of ground, but this was our first landing well above sea level.

We wandered about for better views of the great waterfall rushing from the glacier at the end of the fjord. There were ice caves and melt pools and strange rock formations. Getting here without an airplane would have required hiking, sailing and then mountaineering. This wilderness is not only roadless, but trackless.

Our landing strip; let's hope they have a gate available.

Melting glaciers

The ground - lichens

The view

One of the amazing waterfalls

The really big waterfall rushing from the glacier

Another view

A visitor

Another waterfall

More ice

An ice cave glowing blue

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