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09/13/17 - Our First Day at Ultima Thule - Part 2

Then we flew along the coast for a bit before turning into one of the bays. Here, spread out before us was a magnificent glacier. Our pilot flew us high for a view of the bay. Our pilot flew us low for a view along the melting wall of ice as it met salt water. Then our pilot landed us on an impossibly small patch of land at the edge of the water.

Here we ate lunch.

While we dined, the glacier entertained us as chunks of ice snapped and cracked and dropped into the sea leaving clouds of shattered ice in their wake. For a while, after a large piece of ice dropped, the sea where we were would stay calm, but after a while the sea would start to churn. The chunks of floating ice would rise and fall as the wave front moved past with an ominous rushing sound like an angry river.

It was a great lunch. Only with reluctance, we jimmied ourselves back into our little plane and headed on for the next part of our Alaska adventure.

The glacier from afar

Closer to the ice flow

A close up

Chunks of floating ice between us and the glacier

A chunk of ice breaks off and falls

We ate our lunch and watched

Dall sheep on the hillside above us

Another chunk of ice breaks off

Yet another chunk - almost caught with the telephoto lens

It was hypnotic; there should be a glacier channel.

Seals on the ice

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