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11/01/14 - Jujubes

We were shopping at Country Aire the other day and saw that they were selling jujubes. We had heard of the candy. It's one of those candies they seem to only sell at movie theaters, like Milk Duds or Sky Bars, and not anyone's favorite. What we hadn't realized is that jujubes were originally a variety of date. As we are often curious about this kind of thing, we bought a pack.

To be honest, we were disappointed. To start with, there wasn't much date scent. The top note seemed to be liquid dish soap, like Ivory or Dawn. They didn't taste much better, sort of like blue cheese, and not a particularly good blue cheese at that.

These seem to be fresh dates, so it is possible that they'd have more flavor properly dried. We much prefer dried figs to fresh figs, because the flavor gets concentrated. Would that happen with jujubes? It doesn't seem all that likely. Besides, we aren't all that keen on the idea of a more intense dish soap scented, off brand blue cheese flavored fruit. We'll chalk this one up to curiosity.


The other kind of Jujubes

They look harmless enough.

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