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10/14/14 - Welcome Home

We landed bright and early in Vancouver, cleared immigration, cleared customs and took a taxi to Avitat which was full of Canadian soldiers heading off to survival training somewhere in the wilds of the north. They all looked pretty hale and hearty, so most of them were probably going to make it.

Our plane arrived to pick us up, and all through the journey our pilot kept calling into the Fairchild airport weather channel. The clouds blanketed the lower Olympics towards the sea, but we were still clear for VFR and landing. That photo is of our landing as we raced for the runway even as the fog raced from the sea to cover it.

We made it, but only by minutes. We cleared US customs and were waiting for our taxi home when our pilot announced that the airport had closed. Wow, that was exciting. We were relieved. The customs guy was probably relieved too. Our alternate was Sequim, and that meant a half hour drive to handle our paperwork. Hey, we're home.

We can still see the runway, but that runway blocking fog is moving fast.

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