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04/14/24 - Little River Trail - Once again but a little farther

Often, when we travel, we'll find a restaurant we like so much that we'll cancel our reservations elsewhere and go back a second or even third time. This time, it was the Little River Trail. We liked our hike so much, that we came back later in the week and retraced our steps and went a little bit farther. Earlier, we had made it to the second log bridge. This time, we made it across and all the way to the little waterfall. We were rewarded, not just with the waterfall, but with a cliff side covered with fawn lilies.

There were trilliums as well, now further along, and even a calypso orchid which a fellow hiker mentioned to us as we compared notes about the trail. The trilliums have yet to peak, but more and more of them are out. We'll be back again, maybe not this week, but soon.

One of the passages

The river, blues, browns and greens

A rock covered with life

Fawn lilies


Yet another

Just a distinctive leaf

A trillium

The waterfall

A close up of the waterfall

Another trillium

And another

The fawn lilies again, on our way back

The river again

The trail along a cliff face

More of the Little River

Yet another forest view

A double trillium

Yet more trilliums

More of the forest browns and greens


Forest friends

That calypso orchid

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