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04/09/23 - What's Happening at the Dungeness Dike?

There have been a lot of changes at the Dungeness Dike and Towne Road. The old dike is gone. There's a new dike instead. A good chunk of Towne Road is now part of the Dungeness River. The good news is that the new dike is open for walkers and explorers and parts of the old dike are now foot trails.

The new dike near the parking lot

A chunk of the old Towne Road underwater

More of the new dike


More wetlands

Young forest

A heron

More of the new dike

Heading towards the river

Further along

The old dike is gone, but there is still a trail.

More of the trail

It's a very basic trail for now

Forest scene

Returning along the new dike

A forest in the making

Old Towne Road

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