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10/02/21 - Sol Duc Falls and the Salmon Cascades

The salmon are making their way up to Sol Duc Falls. We stopped on our way up to the falls to watch them leap at the Salmon Cascades. On our first visit, there were just a few of them, but, on our most recent visit, there were lots of them. They're hard to photograph. It's a matter of shutter luck, but we managed to get a few pictures. We also took the short walk out to the falls ourselves. It was on foot. No leaping up streams for us.

The Salmon Cascades, a narrow stretch of the Sol Duc

A salmon leaping

Another leap

Compare this picture to the one to the right.

This is what the river looks like without the salmon.

Green at our feet

Sol Duc Falls and autumn color

The cascade above the falls

Another view of the falls

Green scene

Red berries

An old log

A rocky creek

Mushrooms, probably toxic

More mushrooms

It's mushroom season - Avoid these.

More mushrooms to admire visually

The trail

A last blue berry

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