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02/16/20 - Late Winter on the Lake Angeles Trail

We took a short walk up the Lake Angeles Trail, as far as the little bridge about 730' above the trailhead. The parking lot is smaller than it used to be, but very few people were out on the trail that day. The trailhead is about 1900' above sea level, and the trail was snow free until we neared the little bridge where there was an icy dusting. The stream under the bridge was flowing briskly. There was a coating of ice and snow on the bridge itself, so we didn't cross. We were pleased to have climbed as far as we had.

The little bridge on the Lake Angeles Trail

The creek

Rushing waters

Snow on a log

The scene at the bridge

More snow

Another log

The walkway

Just a bit of white

The trail

Dark wood

Keywords: lake angeles

Keywords: lake angeles