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11/29/19 - Webb Camp Arrival

It was a long day. First, there was the drive from Limalimo to Gondar. There was no hail this time. Then there was the flight to Addis Ababa, followed by another flight to Goba. One of our bags was lost in transit, and the airport at Goba only had flights three times a week. Luckily, we had redundancy in our packing. We'd have to do some improvising and share a toothbrush. Then came the drive from Goba to Robe to Dinsho at the entrance to Bale Mountain National Park. Finally, there was the drive to Webb Camp which, might also be Web Camp or Weyib Camp, depending on the transliteration of the name of the river.

Webb Camp really was a camp. We had to walk the last hundred meters or so, but there was our luxurious campsite with our sleeping tent, a dining tent, a cook tent and tents for the staff. Counting our guide and our driver, there were probably eight people working there so that we could explore in comfort. We've tried camping on our own before, decades ago. The air mattresses deflated, the tent blew away and our safety lantern ignited a small grass fire that was only suppressed thanks to quick action by more experienced campers at the site.

Did we mention the waterfall? Our campsite looked out over a waterfall. The dining tent had an excellent view of the waterfall. Then, exhausted from travel, we went to bed.

En route to our campsite

We were really tired, too tired to frame this picture properly. That's the doorframe of our car.

More open country at about 12,000 feet.

Canyon walls

Harsh high altitude light, either that or JJ Abrams was playing with lens flares

An eagle

In flight

A view from where we left the car

Our campsite

A local cat, not a house cat

The waterfall

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