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11/20/19 - Lalibella - St. Neakuto Leab Monastery

On our way to the airport to catch our flight from Lalibella to Gondar, we stopped at a church known, depending on which map, guidebook, search engine, one uses, as St. Neakuto Leab Monastery or the Nakutolab Church. Again, we headed up a canyon with no sign of a building above ground, but as we descended the hillside we could see a cave ahead, a cave with a waterfall. Here was our goal, and it was here that we attended a service.

There was already a bit of a crowd at the church. One of the priests showed us a wonderful illuminated manuscript that was one of the church's treasures. Then, we joined the drummers and singers, all men. The women were in another area outside. This was a less monumental church than some of the others we had visited, but it too was carved into the earth and away from the world.

The cave ahead

Rock formations

More caves

The church entrance

The church bells

Inside the church


Another view

Outside the church

Saint George and the dragon

Mother and child



The singers

Teachers carried ceremonial sticks

The church procession

Revealing one of the paintings

Looking out

A look back

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