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11/18/19 - Lalibella - Yemrehanna Kristos

Our drive took us up a canyon to a bustling village. Here we parked and made our way up and into the canyon. The greenery was lush. There was a waterfall and a cave at the end of our trail. The cinderblock wall sort of destroyed the look, but we understood the need for security. We had to use our imaginations a bit.

Inside the cave was a church carved from the rock and intricately decorated. There was a group of mumies in the cave behind the church. We didn't spend long there. The church itself was beautiful, a hidden jewel cached in a unexpected setting.

The path into the canyon

The village below - There was a funeral procession that day.

Colorful umbrellas

Further up the canyon

The cave entrance with its waterfall

Yemrehanna Kristos

Artwork on the walls

The waterfall from inside the cave

More of the church

Another view

A window

More windows

Light and dark

The decorated ceiling

More of the interior

More ceiling decoration

Detailed artwork

More above

A corridor

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