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06/20/19 - Rialto Beach

We have been avoiding the West End because of the massive construction delays on 101 along Lake Crescent, but we finally decided to brave the gauntlet to get back to Rialto Beach. The delays were awful. The WSDOT web site said 30 minute delays, but we were stopped waiting well over half an hour on the way out and about 45 minutes on the way back. Then there was the additional time slowly following the pilot car at 8-10 miles an hour for the miles of road closed for repaving.

That's enough fuming. Rialto Beach was as beautiful as ever. The sand was soft, so the going was rough, but the beach was cool and refreshing. We made our way up to the hole in the wall, stopping along the way to check out the tide pools. There were a few anemones, but no starfish. It was great to get back, but the extra hour and a half travel time was wearing. We'll probably try again in the fall when the construction is over.


The beach

Rocks and sea stacks

A Pacific beach scene


Sea stack silhouette

The ocean

More coastal rocks

The sea stacks, but darker

Beach erosion

Forest and driftwood

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