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11/16/18 - New York City - Part Six

We made our way through Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Our goal was the Armenia exhibit. Nowadays one thinks of Armenia as being in the back of beyond, but it was a major part of the Silk Road linking central Asia and Europe. The Mongols conquered, but they left the Armenians in charge of the trade. It was the middle ages when the great churches and scriptoria were built with the wealthy patronizing the arts and literature. It was a fascinating exhibit with architectural artifacts, jewelry, ceramics and texts.

Central Park - dark trees

Hans Christian Anderson

There was a lot of fragrant witch hazel in bloom.

The toy boat lake in repose

Alice in Wonderland

It was always worth crawling under the mushroom ...

... to see the strange creatures there.

Armenian architectural piece

Armenian ceramic

A church model for display by its patron

Armenian jewelry

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