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11/14/18 - New York City - Part Four

We started our next day with a duck hunt, looking for that mandarin duck visiting Central Park. Then it was on to Grand Central Station, uptown a bit and then downtown to Momofuku Nishi, our first David Chang restaurant. We were quite impressed with the turbot, a wonderful fish, that usually turns up in novels set in ancient Rome. It was roasted in butter, carefully filleted and served with a host of sides that were barely necessary. Everything was wonderful. We had a vibrant wagyu beef carpaccio, two pasta dishes with perfectly cooked pasta and rich, flavorsome sauces, the turbot mentioned above an an delicious ahi tuna dish with nori and maitake mushrooms. We travel on our stomachs.

Central Park - duck hunt

No ducks yet

Autumn color, but still no ducks

A suspect

Maybe not a mandarin

More autumn color

Grand Central Station - The tilted image is an artistic statement trying to capture the bustling craziness of the place. Either that or carelessness.

The Upper East Side goes wild for autumn, but tastefully.

More Upper East Side

An old fashioned hot dog cart with not an LED sign to be seen

Momofuku Nishi

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