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12/30/17 - Christmas Roundup

We've been busy this Christmas season, so we haven't posted much. There were the two trees, including the Monster, perhaps the largest, thickest, deepest tree we've ever had the pleasure to put an ornament on. It was nearly impossible to water, so we needed a special self regulating watering system. (Thank you Amazon.)

Then there were the two parties, the grownup's party and the cookie party. Thanks to our friends, our little (barely over six feet) cookie tree was adorned with gingerbread, sugar icing and lots of dragee. The candle lighting went smoothly with a new fire marshall and rapid response team. It was a cassoulet year, but in all the excitement, we didn't get a photo of the cassoulet. It moved too quickly.

Once again, a wonderful Christmas season and lots of 2018 to get ready for the next one.

The big tree - That's a 10' 6" ceiling.

The big tree decorated and illuminated

The cookie tree

Godzilla in seasonal apparel

The big tree at home

The cookie tree with its candles lit

The whole cookie tree

Linzer tortes

Snow for Christmas

Cookies - the post mortem

A last goodbye

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