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09/11/17 - Coming Into The Country - Part 2

We kept flying east until we reached the little town of McCarthy. It wasn't much of a town compared to Anchorage, but it was the first sign of settlement we had seen in an hour and a half of flying.

We changed planes here. Our next plane was waiting for us, and we took a half hour hop south with yet more spectacular scenery before arriving at Ultima Thule Lodge, a bastion of civilization and luxury in the roadless wilderness of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park. This was a lodge built on the banks of the Chitina using local wood and local stone. Everything else arrived by air.

We wandered the grounds a bit. The lodge wouldn't let us leave the close in region without an escort, so we had a guide take us down for a good look at the five mile wide river bed. We saw another rainbow. This would be our home and base for the next four days.

Our connecting flight

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