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09/09/17 - Our Journey North

We've been out of town and, for much of the time, we have been on beyond internet access. We journeyed north and had an amazing trip. Now that we're back, it's time to update our web page.

That city we're flying towards is Anchorage, only a three and a half hour flight from Seattle. We stayed up late and managed to catch a sunset, then we explored the city a bit. On the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail we were rewarded with some sandhill cranes.

Then we checked out the botanical gardens, but cut our visit short. Some of the trails were closed due to recent bear activity.

Finally, we had dinner with our friend Clare who is now living in Anchorage. We met at the Marx Brothers Cafe which we cannot recommend highly enough. Alaska is an excellent place to order things like halibut cheeks and freshly caught scallops.

This was only the beginning. We have over a thousand pictures to go through, so we'll start winnowing and posting them over the next few days. Stay tuned to this blog.

Flying in to Anchorage

Catching the pink of the sunset on the mountains to the east

Along the waterfront

Sandhill cranes

Seen at the botanical garden

Also seen at the botanical garden

The Marx Brothers Cafe

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