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11/10/15 - Seattle, Again

We've been getting into Seattle lately, partly for business, partly for pleasure. This time we took a long walk starting at one of our favorite places, the Ballard Locks, then through Ballard and along the industrial part of the Burke-Gilman Trail into Fremont. We climbed up the hill to Rockcreek where we had a wonderful seafood dinner, then we made our way down through Fremont to the bridge. Usually we take a bus from here, but the night was young, so we followed the waterfront trail back to South Lake Union and our hotel.

Needless to say, we were exhausted.

A streetlight along Fremont Avenue

A boxing gym near Amazon headquarters - yes, really

A fountain in South Lake Union

A theater company in Fremont

Another window - Click to enlarge any of these photos.

Fremont as we climbed

A match made in heaven, ham and biscuits, except here it's made in Ballard

The Ballard Locks gardens hinting at Christmas

More from the gardens near the Ballard Locks

Even more

The Ballard Locks, where we started out

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