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09/03/15 - Uluru - Place of Water

Like many mountain Uluru makes its own weather. Around its base is a place of water. Water collects when it rains, and it stays as open water or in the soil, even during severe droughts. If you know where to look, one can always find water around Uluru.

We, of course, had signs and trails to follow, so we had no trouble finding water. We wandered around the rock, then into a canyon between two folds in the rock. Here we found water, fresh water from the recent rain, but the vegetation was green. This was a place of water.

Walking around Uluru

More of our walk

More amazing rock forms

A place of green?


A place of water

More water

The rock walls

Even more water

Blue sky and red rock

Lichens on the rock as a sign of water

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