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09/01/15 - Welcome to Uluru

Uluru, once known as Ayer's Rock, is a magnificent red stone formation in the heart of Australia's outback desert. We arrived during a light rain, so we saw the iconic rock covered with waterfalls and were welcomed with a bit of a rainbow.

Uluru itself is red sandstone, ancient and folded, shaped and smoothed by time. The land it around is flat and dry and made of the same sandstone, reduced to soil, as the rock. The plants are scrub and hearty and need little water. In many ways, the land appears much as we once imagined Mars, before the landers and explorers, and it is still a land of our imagination.

A view from the distance with the rain clouds passing to the left

A bit of a rainbow

The sunset

Another view in changing light

A flower growing in the Martian regolith

Another view, another sky

Uluru waterfalls

The dark areas are flowing water

Another view with flowing water

More flowing water

Vanishing rain sky

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