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10/12/14 - Return to Dove Lake

For our last hike at Cradle Mountain we decided to return to Dove Lake and redo the prettiest part of the walk, the east coast with its lush rainforest and boardwalks right by the lakeside. It was a misty day, but despite this, we had a nice goodbye peek at Cradle Mountain. We also had a beautiful, mysterious walk.

Needless to say, we were exhausted at the end. We chowed down on the excellent cheeseburgers at the lodge. Wow, does Australia have great beef as well as great lamb. (Did we mention the seafood anywhere?) Then we collapsed before dinner. We were that tired.

Mysterious mountains

Gray skies and green walkways

The lake and the mists

More mysterious forest

Mountains and clouds

We love the way all sorts of stuff grows out of the rock here.

A last look at the lake

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