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10/10/14 - Cradle Mountain Views

Before coming to Cradle Mountain we had spoken with a number of people who had visited and on one point they were in agreement: we were unlike to get so much as a glimpse of Cradle Mountain proper. Now we did get to see a bit of it through the mist on our first full day hiking around Dove Lake, but we got better views on our second day.

The first glimpse was from the shuttle bus. An earlier driver had teased us holding up the pretty park brochure with its picture of the mountain and telling us that this is what we might be seeing except that the weather would make it extremely unlikely. Well, on our very second day, there it was, Cradle Mountain, looming through the mists.

That evening we set out for another view, walking straight from the lodge to the Dove Lake Trail. We crossed bogs then hill and dale. As we ascended in the late afternoon light we had yet another view of Cradle Mountain. We took lots of pictures so we'd have proof. It was a beautiful hike in any event, but spotting the elusive mountain was a real treat.

A wallabee on our front steps - Can you see the joey in her pouch?

Cradle Mountain from the shuttle bus - not quite as pretty as in the brochure

Bunch grass bog lands

Another view of Cradle Mountain - hah!

A more distant view

A view from the trail

A darker view of the mountain

A rock face to the east

The trail itself

Another bit of scenery

A wombat on our walk home

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