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10/08/14 - Return to Wineglass Beach

One of the downsides of the Freycinet Peninsula is that there are only so many great day hikes near Coles Bay, so we decided to do the Wineglass Beach hike again, only this time returning directly rather than taking the longer, but easier, hike around the mountain.

The climb was familiar, as was the descent, but covering the same ground a second time gives a chance to see things again, but with different eyes. We also explored the beach a bit, and, being less focused on 'getting there', we could spend more time studying the plant life and enjoying the various rocks and boulders.

Rocks and boulders

The wonderfully done path to the lookout

Rocks and boulders above

Rocks and boulders at WIneglass Beach

Wineglass Beach

Rocks, boulders and twisted trees

A stand of rocks


More rocks and boulders

An eroded rock of some size

A wallabee, a joey and more rocks (Are you sensing a theme here?)

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