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10/05/14 - On to Freycinet

We headed northeast to the Freycinet Peninsula and checked in to the Saffire resort. Like Southern Ocean Lodge on Kangaroo Island this was quite a work of architecture with its picture windows, oversized common spaces and multiple levels to explore. We spent nearly an hour just figuring out how all the lights and automatic window blind controls worked in our room.

Across Coles Bay we can see the mountains of the Freycinet Peninsula, but after our long drive we only have time to explore the beach below the hotel. We didn't go very far, but we did explore the lagoon and the rocks before dinner. Tomorrow, we'll set out to explore in earnest.

The view from our room - The camera was tilted due to the unlimited drinks package.

The little stream near the hotel

It was spring down there.

A healthy sea star - nice to see

The rocks by the beach

The beach from the hotel down to Coles Bay, the nearby town

The mountains without architectural interpretation

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