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10/02/14 - Bay of Islands and Bay of Martyrs

The Great Ocean Road is one of the great drives of Australia, comparable to the Pacific Coast Highway in California. Almost everyone stops at The Twelve Apostles, but fewer know about the Bay of Martyrs which has an even more amazing collection of rockstacks, coastal columns of eroded limestone decorated with carve outs, wild vegetation and sea tunnels. Right next door is the Bay of Islands, a set of wild beaches and headlands.

We spent some time admiring the "martyrs", then even more time wandering along the coast, following the trails and staircases down to small beaches or out onto shrub covered rocky redoubts. We probably would have explored even more, but we had kilometers to travel and there was more to see.

The Bay of Martyrs

More martyrs

More of the bay

Islands or martyrs? Your guess is as good as ours.

One of the sea caves

One of the islands

Another bird enjoying the view

Eroded rock formations

More of the coast

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