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06/20/14 - First Crespiou of the Year

We've been having wonderful weather, and that means the local farmers have been doing really well. The produce at the Port Angeles Farmers' Market has been early and excellent, so we've managed to have our first crespiou of the season in the middle of June. A crespiou is a stack of two egg omelets, each layer with its own combination of flavors, usually centered on some farm fresh vegetable. This year's first crespiou had five layers, each with two eggs and:
  • turnip greens sauteed in sesame oil with garlic and a bit of soy sauce
  • a whole bunch of local green onions, chopped and sauteed in a tad of olive oil
  • steamed local green beans sauteed in olive oil with garlic, mint, and dry cured black olives
  • potatoes sauteed in olive oil with purple onion and thyme
  • toasted pine nuts, chopped up tomatoes and fresh basil
It's hard to make out the layers in the photo, but rest assured, they were delicious.

Five layers of goodness

Keywords: farmers' market, food