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06/16/13 - Klahane Ridge

The Switchback Trail to Klahane Ridge is a demanding trail, but one of the prettiest in the park. It is a 1500' climb, so the trailhead is usually free of snow well before the ridge itself. This time was no exception. We climbed the first 1000' before running into our first real wall of snow, which means we didn't make it to the top. Still, it was a wonderful climb, and this was probably the earliest in the season we had ever climbed this far.

Usually, by the time we can climb the first 1000' it is late June or early July, and the phlox is in bloom, scenting the air. The lupines will be coming out along with so many other flowers. This time, there was a lot of green, and there were lots of little yellow glacier lilies. We did spot some phlox, some paintbrush and a few other flower, but the hanging gardens are just starting to come into bloom.

The view from about 1000'

Our wall of snow - It extends for some way.

A snowy view from 1000'

Mount Angeles is still snow covered.

Some phlox

Some glacier lilies

The trail

A fritillary

Some paintbrush, just coming out

We aren't sure what this is, but it was pretty.

More flowers

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