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03/14/13 - Veronica Mars - Support the Movie at Kickstarter

We're big fans of Veronica Mars. A friend of ours sent us a DVD of the first season, and we let it sit on our bookshelf for years. Eventually, we noticed it sitting there and decided to, of all things, pop it into a DVD player and watch a few episodes. Well, one thing led to another. The series is long over, but there is a Veronica Mars movie in the works, where by "in the works" we mean desperately looking for funding since no major media player is interested. Since it is 2013, this means there is a Kickstarter project for a Veronica Mars movie, and it has raised of two million dollars already. If you are curious about the series, you can find out more here or here or here. If you want to find out more about the movie project and how you can help, click here.

That's Veronica (Kristen Bell)

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