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07/06/12 - Store Brand Cereal Clones

We aren't big breakfast cereal eaters, but we do browse the aisles of our local supermarket, and we can't help but notice the cloned house brands of various popular cereals. Who designs these? Does each supermarket chain have a group of designers? Is there some cereal clone design house that does the cereal clone and the box art as part of a package deal? Do they advertise for artists on Craig's List?

The legal team lets them use the primary color and general theme, but no one can patent circular candies, or Lifesavers would own Kellogg's by now.

This isn't as precise as some clones, but that rabbit is at least as scary as the Lucky Charm leprechaun.

Once again, legal OK'ed the primary color and theme cloning. They must have had a great meeting discussing whether they'd get sued by the Beatles or the guys who make iPhones.

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