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04/08/12 - Tatio Geysers (Part 4 - Coda With Movies)

Here are a few pictures we took on our drive back to San Pedro de Atacama. We had a very clear view of an active volcano for much of the way. The giant coots are indeed huge, at least by coot standards, and the vicuna was in a classic postcard pose, even if no one sends postcards anymore what with the internet and everything.

We've also posted some movies of some hot thermal action. Turn on the sound and you can hear the hiss of the steam. It's not quite like being there, but, then again, nothing really is.

An active volcano - Look closely and you'll see the sulphurous fumes.

Giant coots building their nest - The one on the right is hauling algae.

Another vicuna employed by the Chilean Tourist Bureau

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