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04/05/12 - An Amazing Orchard

We had a hidden garden adventure. We stopped outside of a little town and walked through flat open country. Then, we saw a forest below. It was the town orchard. Each household had a small portion of the terraced, sloping land leading down to the river, and each walled and gated plot had its collection of trees bearing apples, quinces, pomegranates, lemons, and other fruits. There were even cactus among the trees which yield their own fruits, called "tuna" in Spanish. We followed the little pathways under the arching branches and even tried a pomegranate, unlike any we had ever had before.

View from the open country

The orchard down below

More trees

One of the walkways

Another walkway - The stone wall is one of the retaining walls for the terracing.

These may be a type of lemon.

These are a type of pomegranate. It's autumn in Chile, so these are ripe.

Yet another walkway - It's quite a maze.

Even more walkways - You can get lost here. Luckily, we had a guide.

That's a newer wall on the left.

Inside Chile, inside a pomegranate.

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