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06/05/10 - Gaze In Horror

We had a sudden desire for an old fashioned dish, the kind that dominated the women's magazines of the 1960s but has long since vanished. In this case it was a dish of Moll's Untamed Enchiladas, done in the true 1960s style. It was called enchiladas, but it was actually more of a lasagna with layers of
  • meat with mexican spices, garlic, onions and regular green bell peppers - We substituted pork for beef.
  • queso fresco and some other cheese we had lying around the house
  • real, full fat sour cream and canned black olives
If you make this, be sure to use a regular green bell pepper, not one of those fancy mexican peppers, and use those canned olives, not those fancy Italian ones that come in bottles. That is, if you want the true 1960s taste.

We know it looks rather terrifying in the picture, but it was pretty tasty, though horribly rich.

Behold ye mighty ...

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