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04/02/09 - Seattle Report

We were in Seattle the other day buying some coffee ice cream for The Defense of Moscow. Russian Easter is coming soon, so we have to be prepared. In any event, we checked out Caffe Presse, which is owned by the same folks who run Le Pichet, and we had a very nice meal. Caffe Presse serves a rather hearty menu all through the day, but the food is not quite as good as the food at Le Pichet. We loved the braised ham with red cabbage, and we had a great raclette which was the perfect antidote to the cold, wet weather we have been having lately.

We also wandered around Capital Hill and came across a strange survivor, an actual used bookstore. Amazingly, it was not far from yet another used bookstore. Seattle used to be littered with these places, but the internet makes it so easy to find used books online, and rents have gone up, so most of them have vanished. We're not sure if it was that dinosaur sign in front of Twice Sold Sales or what, but we couldn't help thinking of The Lost World, Perhaps of Second Hand Bookstores.

The strange looking fountain is in Cal Anderson Park, another little gem. It is, or at least was, part of the Seattle water system. They have fountains and an aerating pond, and some gorgeous views.

It's amazing what one finds when one goes shopping for ice cream.

Cafe Presse - not quite as good as Le Pichet, but awfully good

Fountain at Cal Anderson Park

A true survivor, a used bookstore

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