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02/21/09 - The Little Oven - An Update

As you may have noticed, The Little Oven on Peabody has closed. The laundromat wanted to put in a few new driers, so the oven had to go. There is good news however. The owners of The Little Oven are taking over Good To Go on Lauridsen and hope to bring back the little oven. Perhaps they'll have a bigger oven. Their note follows. We wish them luck.

Dear Friends:

Thanks to everyone for the friendship this last year. We're changing our email to goodtogogrocery -at- gmail.com . I don't know if that tells you anything about our status, but at the risk of redundancy I'll elucidate here.

The paperwork is not finalized yet, but we're going to be the new owners of the Good To Go Grocery on Lauridsen (technically 1105 S. Eunice). We are planning on keeping the grocery, expanding on the selection to include dairy items and eggs, as well as some meats, including sandwiches made with same. We'll also be doing the bakery in that location, much the same as before, and continuing with the bread oven plan. Please note, however, that these changes will not be immediately enacted. The bakery, especially, is going to take a little time as we'll have to modify the kitchen to meet city/county requirements for using an oven.

Anyway, we're looking forward to seeing everyone.

Sincerely Yours,
Erich and Liz and Julie

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