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11/09/08 - Patience and Persistence Rewarded

This is a tricky time for visiting the high country. The clouds often hide the spectacular view from Hurricane Ridge and the Hurricane Hill Trail. We saw at least one car pull into the parking lot near the lodge, make a U-turn, and head right on down, most likely because the mountains were hidden by gray. We didn't let that stop us. We went on to the Hurricane Hill trail and walked in the strange silence of the gray cloud, seeing only the nearby trail.

We huffed and puffed our way past The Hamper. That's around the half way point. It gets that name because of all the dirty sock plant that grows there. We kept on climbing to the very summit, and there we were, surrounded by gray cloud. We could make out shadows of trees in the near distance, but of the far mountains or the strait, there was no sign.

We started back down, and the first bit of blue broke through the cloud. The fog was lifting. By the time we checked out the corn lily side spur, we could see some of the nearby cliffs. As we passed Marmot Rock the sun burned through a blue hole, and soon we were rewarded with fantastic glimpses of the far mountains through the parting clouds. On a clear day the distant mountains are beautiful, but there is an even greater grandeur when the mountains are awash in clouds.

The view from the summit: Visibility is improving.

Stuff growing from stone

Autumn grasses against the gray sky

A sudden clearing

More autumn color

Clouds and mountains (click to enlarge)

Mountains awash in cloud

The fantastic vista

The scene changes as the clouds shift.

Keywords: autumn, high country, hurricane hill