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09/09/08 - Padron Peppers

The sign on the door of The Spanish Table announced that the padron peppers were in. Naturally, we had to buy some and try them. They were, after all, edible.

Padron peppers were originally Galician, named after the town of Padron where the cultivar was developed. You can read more about them at Wikipedia. We aren't sure if ours were grown in Spain or more locally, but according to the guy at the store, they were best simply prepared, fried in olive oil and served with salt.

We took our batch and fried them. We actually used a deep frier, but you could just fry them in a pan. In any event, they weren't much to look at fried, but they were delicious. They had a nutty taste, with a light green pepper note in the back. We could definitely see their appeal. We aren't flying off to Galicia for the annual festival, but we will be keeping our eyes open for them next year.

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