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06/09/08 - Turkey Tetrazzini

We recently ordered a heritage breed turkey from Heritage Foods, and we just happened to find the most amazing little peas at the Port Angeles Farmers' Market. These peas were so tiny, they make petit pois look like beachballs. So, we decided to make our own version of turkey tetrazzini. This dish is generally loathed, and for good reason, but we figured that with a proper turkey and those amazing peas we could do better.

We wound up adding some shitake mushrooms and heavy cream along with some wonderful garlic scallions, also from the Farmers' Market. These weren't scapes, they were full grown scallions, and they tasted a lot like green onions with an extra garlic note. We put it all together with the turkey, then we cooked the peas by putting them in the colander we used to strain the pasta. The hot pasta water steamed them perfectly.

We'll admit that the picture doesn't really do this dish justice, but take our word for it. This is the right way to make turkey tetrazzini.

Keywords: food, farmers' market