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04/20/08 - Russian Easter 2008

We held our Russian Easter this last weekend. Yes, we know that Russian Easter was back in March this year, but we figure that if they can have Russian Easter for Old Calendrists and Russian Easter for New Calendrists, why can't we have Russian Easter for Kaleberg Kalendrists?

In any event, we rounded up the usual suspects, including a particularly deadly version of Trotsky's Bane with a ton of wasabi and serious tequila. If Trotsky had been drinking this, they wouldn't have needed to waste the people's time and money on assassins. We also made some perushki with our own home made sauerkraut and some shitake mushrooms and nettles. For more recipes, check out our Russian Easter page.

The domes of Moscow were particularly lurid this year, with lots of dragee and extra dark red and green food dyes. Those supermarket food dyes are really too pastel for a serious holiday like Russian Easter. In any event, Moscow was once again saved from the monster Napoleon thanks to a liberal dousing of French brandy. As the flames rose, and the Frenchies retreated, we celebrated the irony with, of all things, champagne.

This year, we had even more realism. We had real snow in mid-April, just like they did in Moscow before global warming. It didn't stick, but the white flakes added to the festive mood.

Moscow for the defense

Blini and pelmeni

Trotsky's Bane - death by tequila

The usual suspects, and then some

Yes, it was snowing

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