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12/22/07 - Hurricane Ridge is OPEN

The road to Hurricane Ridge is open. The park service has done a great job plowing, sanding, moving rocks and sawing trees. There was some serious road damage up near the Switchback Trail trailhead, and the road narrows a bit there, but the route was easily passable.

The ridge itself was spectacular. We managed to snowshoe a bit, but the snow was all fresh powder, so we couldn't get very far on our trail snowshoes. We were sinking two feet into the snow with every step. On the other hand, we did manage to flail around for an hour enjoying the views and making it some of the way up Sunrise Peak.

The road is still open. Get the winter spirit and check out the high country.

A view of the lodge at Hurricane Ridge

The view to the north

Snow covered trees

Klahane Ridge as seen from the road

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