Hull Family Shrimp

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05/19/06 - Hull Family Shrimp

On our way back from Port Townsend we noticed a sign for shrimp not far from the casino in Blyn. We were soon following the twisty roads to The Hull Family Shrimp compound at 152 Thompson Road. They had shrimp, but only the smaller ones, and only cooked. They were most apologetic, but the big shrimp they said would not be available until June 15th. The smaller shrimp, sold cooked and with their heads on were fresh and delicious. We bought a couple of pounds at an excellent price and the very next morning woke up to a shrimp and garlic revuelto with lots of Tabasco sauce. What a morning!

We can hardly wait for big shrimp season. We'll give them a call at 360 683 6219, and make a special trip out to Blyn.

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