The Kaleberg Journal - September 2015

09/22 - Good Bye to Australia

We had one last night in Sydney. We loaded up on Chinese seafood at Golden Century - fresh coral trout from the tank and the best salt and pepper prawns ever - and readied ourselves for the grueling flight home.We had time for a brisk walk in the morning, but then it was into the maw of the system. The Pacific Ocean was waiting as was our plane to cross it.

The opera house at night, pink for breast cancer awareness

The quay at night

The harbor bridge

Morning light

The bridge again

A surprise across the harbor

There was an amusement park smiling at us the whole time, and we didn't know it.

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09/21 - Coogee to Bondi

One of the ways Sydney resembles Los Angeles is in its well developed beach culture. Last year we walked from Bondi Beach south to Coogee Beach. This year we took the same hike in the opposite direction. There is a great coastal hiking trail that leads from beach to beach, usually following the headlands, though once or twice going inland.

Coogee Beach behind us

A view from the headlands

More headlands hiking

One of the many coves

That channel is a recreational beach

Headlands and coves

The cemetery

Another small beach

More rocks and salt water

Bondi Beach, our goal

Bondi Beach has a wall full of street art, so this admonition is appropriate.

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09/20 - Sydney at Dusk

We arrived in Sydney in time to catch the sunset. We went to the Rockpool Bar and Grill for the most amazing wagyu beef 9+ skirt steak. The 9+ is the fattiness rating. The scale runs up to nine, so this is as rich as skirt steak can get.


After sunset

The quay at night

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09/19 - Melbourne Morning

Melbourne is chock full of coffee shops, chocolate sellers and bakeries.

Cuban coffee

Coffee gear




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09/18 - Melbourne - Definitely Photogenic

Some cities are harder to photograph than others. You have to be alert to make Los Angeles look interesting. but Melbourne is full of street level detail and spatial dynamics. There are also some pretty nice trees.

A minor street lined with commercial art

That's a great radio tower, like something out of an old movie

Street trees - There's a Melbourne original in the upper right, a go left to turn right sign.


Great colors

Shadows and store windows

More of the city

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09/17 - Melbourne, City of Photographers (and Graffiti Artists)

There were two things we noticed a lot of in Melbourne. First, there were a lot of weddings. This might have something to do with our hotel being across the street from the big cathedral and our stay covering a weekend. Still, there were a lot of people either getting married, watching someone else getting married or taking pictures of people getting married and watching people getting married.

That leads to the second thing. There were a lot of people taking pictures of other people. Once again, maybe it was the weekend, but it wasn't just cell phones and selfie sticks. There was a lot of serious photographic gear out there as well. It might be that Melbourne, like New York City or Venice, is one of those photogenic cities where you can just point your camera any which way and photograph something interesting.

That brings us to Hosier Lane, one of the many alleys in Melbourne's Central Business District, which doubles as an open air street art gallery and studio. Needless to say, all of this street art attracted spectators and, of course, photographers. Needless to say, we were among them.

Combining the two most popular activities in Melbourne, getting married and taking pictures - here in the middle of a major street

More mid-street photography, but with no apparent wedding

Hosier Lane photography

More photographers amidst the street art

The folks on the left were a group of street artists taking a break.

More street art

This looks like a video game screenshot.

Not all street art likes to be photographed.

Hosier Lane, another reason to visit Melbourne and bringing a camera

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09/16 - One of the Many Beaches on the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road was built back in 1932. It runs along the coast southwest of Melbourne, and the stretch running from Lorne to Apollo Bay is both the most challenging and most beautiful. In many ways it resembles the Pacific Coast Highway in California. It is a twisty road hugging the rocky mountainside with spectacular views of the coast. Along the way there are overlooks to stop at and marvel and beaches to explore. There are also a number of inland walks, most following streams that have worn canyons into the mountains.

One of the beaches, chosen more or less at random

Another view

Eroded rocks and tide pools

More old rocks

One of the tide pools

Another tide pool

Green rocks

A typical view along the Great Ocean Road

Through our windshield

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09/15 - Cumberland and She Oak Falls

From Apollo Bay we headed towards Lorne and stopped to explore Cumberland and She Oak Falls. Cumberland Falls was just a short walk from the parking area. She Oak Falls was a longer walk, and we could have continued a fair ways past the falls if we had been a bit more energetic.

On our way to Cumberland Falls

The water

Old rocks and water

One of the many birds

Another bird

On our way to She Oak Falls, a view of the Great Ocean Road

Heading up and inland

She Oak Falls

More waterfalls

The trail

Another view of the falls

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