Fort Clatsop

Lewis and Clark wintered at Fort Clatsop, and their old fort is still standing. It isn't much, just a pair of log buildings with a palisaded alley between them. It looked like pretty rustic living. Still, it kept the expedition safe and dry.

We noticed that the beds looked pretty short. A quick lie down revealed that they were both short, too short for someone 5'9", and they were pretty uncomfortable. Everything is hewn of wood, so the fort looks like it was built of Lincoln Logs. If nothing else, the Northwest had, and still has, lots of timber.

We wandered down to the spring, then followed the boardwalk a bit to the inlet at the base of the hill. The triliums were in bloom. It's warmer down in Oregon than up in Port Angeles. We are always drawn to swamps, and we would have wandered farther, but we were starting to get hungry. Lunch beckoned.

The fort of Lincoln Logs

One of the too small bunk beds and the fireplace

Another room in the fort

Triliums: it always comes down to this.

The boardwalk to the spring, the fort's fresh water supply.

The boardwalk to the inlet

Sparkling light down by the water