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This is a collection of curious, humorous and occasionally informative stuff. All opinions unless otherwise specified are of the Kalebergs. Last updated May 17, 1998.

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  • New York - May 1998
  • Useful Latin Phrases

    We've all heard "De omnibus non est disputandum". Now find out what it means.

    Australian Aboriginal Rock Paintings

    We were recently in Australia and saw some really amazing Australian aboriginal rock paintings. While dates and cultures are controversial, we figured that the world deserved a look at the artwork involved. We also have a really good Australian cassoulet recipe.

    The Maria Bariromo Market Hairdex

    Beat the market with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo! Learn how to read her cowlick whisp-o-meter to track and anticipate market trends.

    Hair Safari

    Relive the excitement of a genuine hair safari, just like the one we took a few years back.


    Lexiphage is one of those old useless garbage and hacks (ughs) from back in the 1970s and about time too.

    The Tunnel No End Sign

    The Tunnel No End sign is one of the great traffic artifacts of Boston and likely to be replaced once the Central Artery comes off Prozac sometime next century. If you live or travel in Boston frequently, you have most likely seen this sign, but most people are too traffic dazed to marvel properly. So, here it is, with its own page on the web, for your enjoyment.

    Food Tiger Cookbook

    From today's headlines to tonight's dinner table. Take a look at what America will be cooking in the Food Tiger Cookbook.

    Dumplings on the March

    Being a brief history of dumplings.

    Software from ScamX - (really weak software)

    Software from ScamX is really rather sad stuff for the Macintosh Power PC. It is ill maintained and on the anemic side but it may be mildly useful and is genereally not harmful.

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